Super King Markets Weekly Ad & Flyer August 14 to 20

Los Altos Queso Fresco For $2.99 Imported Piknik Feta Cheese For $3.79 Jennie-O Buffalo Style Chicken Breast For $4.79 Serv-Rite Smoked Virgenia Ham For $2.49 Foster Farms Mesquite Turkey Breast For $3.99 Margherita Genoa Or Pocino Pepperoni Salami For $3.49 Sigma Fud Reduced Sodium Turkey Ham For $2.99 Los Altos Oaxaca Cheese For $3.49 Deluxe Mixed Nut For $5.99 Pistachios Whole Meat For $7.99

Start Date: Aug 14, 2019 End Date: Aug 20, 2019
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